Where to Start

Where to Start

You’re planning a big move and you dread driving your car across country. Or maybe you have two or more vehicles and can only drive one of them. What should you do?

Shipping a car is simple.  More challenging is choosing the right company for the job.

This section provides you with everything you need to know about how to move your car.  Dive in and learn!

Transport alternatives

You are far from having only one alternative when moving your vehicle. Here is the first wave of choices:

1. Hire somebody to drive it (a.k.a. Drive-Away Service)

This option is usually cheaper, and you can find trustworthy companies that will do it for you. If you’re brave enough, another alternative is to simply look under the road share section in the newspaper (if that section really exists) and find someone willing to drive your car in exchange for a free ride. You usually get the deal for the price of the gas only… and maybe some worries or complimentary headaches that you will find hard to avoid.

However, the miles that your car accumulates, the odds of finding a dependable driver, or the little control you have over who will drive your car – all these may make you think twice.  In case your vehicle is older than 10 years and not exactly in perfect running condition, the last thing it needs is another road trip.

In this case, you may consider the next alternative.

2. Use the services of an auto transport company

They are there for people like you… people looking for a professional and dependable hand on the situation.  The following pages will take you step by step through the myriad of questions you’ll likely have when choosing this option.

3.  The only other alternative is to drive the car yourself.  Despite the costs (gas, hotel etc.) that may add up on top of the time required to do it, it is true that your car can receive no better care than the one that you offer it.  But again, if this was an ideal situation, you would not be reading this.