ProStar in 20 Questions

ProStar in 20 Questions

We have tried to help you make the right car shipping decisions by developing a simple set of 20 questions by which you can obtain a clear idea about the reliability of a an auto transport company.

We are providing ProStar’s answers to its own test.

1. Are you an auto transport broker or an actual car carrier?

ProStar is an auto transport broker. Wonder why people prefer to work with a car shipping broker?

2. What is your MC number and/or USDOT number?

MC#262926B. We do not hold a USDOT number, since we are strictly transport brokers. We do not own and operate any trucks; therefore, a USDOT number is not required.

Do you want to know more about MC numbers?

3. Are you a member of the BBB?

Yes we are, with ZERO COMPLAINTS we might add. Membership to the Better Business Bureau assumes that we abide by clear standards of business ethics, and we agree to respond responsibly in front of a neutral entity such as the BBB. Read the BBB report on our company.

4. How long has ProStar been in business?

Since 1992.  Our owner, Tiffany, began working for ProStar in 1996 and purchased the company in 2003.

5. Do you charge door-to door or terminal to terminal fees?

As a default, we charge door-to-door fees, which is the price you’ll be quoted. If you so desire, we can make special arrangements for terminal-to-terminal services, but this may involve an extra fee which is used to cover the involvement of one or two terminals.

6. What exactly is your process?

We have allocated an entire section on our website to describing our step-by-step car transport process.

7. How far in advance do I need to book my order?

One week is typically sufficient except during the peak season (May-Sept.) when we advise you to book two to three weeks ahead of time.

8. What is your insurance policy?

All of the carriers we work with have cargo insurance that covers your car at fair market value. We are continuously checking the validity of our carriers’ insurance.

9. What guarantees do you offer that my car will be picked-up on time?

We repeatedly contact the car carrier that will be transporting your car to make sure that everything is still on schedule. We also call them one day before the pick-up window begins to ensure they are prepared for it.

As an additional guarantee, you will not be charged a thing until AFTER your vehicle has been PICKED UP.

10. Do you offer a delivery guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 14-day deliver guarantee.

11. Can you offer me your contract in writing, before I assume any obligations from which I cannot back out of?

You will be provided with our contract when you contact us and express the interest to work with us. It will be sent to you via e-mail, fax or good ol’ fashioned U.S. mail. After reviewing it, you may choose not to work with us without any further consequences. Remember, we are always available to answer your questions. Our contract is also published on our website.

12. What kind of forms will I be required to fill out or sign, and when will I have to do that?

Just our Shipping Contract and Credit Card Authorization Form.  These documents will be forwarded to you once we agree on your pick up date(s). Typically these documents must be returned to our office within 24 hours to ensure the availability on the carrier.

13. Is your quote all-inclusive? If not, what else will I be required to pay?

Yes, our quote is all-inclusive. The quote you receive as an answer to your online request or your call is the final price that we ask for. We guarantee no hidden charges, and no surprises.

14. Is your quote customized to my specific needs?

Yes, it is. Ours is NOT a one-fits-all response.  All quote requests are evaluated by a ProStar employee based on very clear rules.

15. Is your quote only an estimate or your final say?

Our quote is our final say for 30 days. Now if you switch the type of car you are shipping and/or the origin or destination areas change drastically then we will obviously have to re-evaluate the quote.

16. Do you require any upfront, non-refundable fees?

No, we do not. You are required to pay for our services only after we pick up your car.

17. What form of payment do you accept and when will I be required to pay?

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Credit cards are charged in full one day after pick up or you may simply charge a small percentage on a credit card & pay the remaining balance to the driver upon delivery with a cashier’s check or cash. Sorry, no C.O.D.’s are accepted upon delivery to port locations (Hawaii/Alaska).

18. What discounts do you offer?

We offer military discounts and multi car discounts. Read here about each of them and about some other ways to save on your car transport.

19. When will you call me and how will I know the status of my car’s transport?

The driver will call 1-day prior to pick up and delivery. You are also welcome to call or email us at anytime to check the status of your vehicle shipment.

20. How will I keep in touch with you during the transport of my car?

We are always available to answer your questions by phone or e-mail during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday between 9AM and 4PM (Arizona Time).

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