Money Saving Options

Money Saving Options


If you are looking to save some pennies, here are some hints for you:

Ask about discounts

The two types of discounts that we offer are:

Military discounts: typically consisting in $50 off our regular price
Multiple cars discounts: if you ship 2 or 3 cars, you will save $50/car.  If you ship 4 or more cars, you will save $75/car.

Look out for the busiest months

The busiest months in the car transport business (if you’re moving coast to coast) are between May and September unless you’re one of the “snowbirds” moving south for the winter or north in the spring.  If that’s the case those routes are busiest between October-December and again during February-April.   Due to the high demands for these routes, the carriers will raise their prices.  In the slower months, between October and February for cross country moves, the scarcity of demands typically bring lower rates.

Go terminal to terminal – but be careful!

With some companies a terminal to terminal option will save you the money otherwise used to cover the cost of accessing residential areas. However, this option can easily turn into a more expensive one. This is because the terminals may charge daily storage fees that can easily get out of control if you do not synchronize well with the time of delivery or pick-up.

In many cases, the terminal to terminal option does end up more costly and definitely more troublesome.  This is why our services are generally door to door. We feel that the fewer people handling your vehicle the better.  However, if you prefer terminal to terminal car transport, more than likely we can make arrangements to accommodate your demands.

Go open

An open transport is a safe enough way to transport your car so that you receive your car in the same condition as when you handed it over.  Using an enclosed carrier adds to this guarantee (and also speeds up the transit time), but that will come at a price about 70% higher.  It is up to you to decide which solution gives you more peace of mind.  We’ll accomodate you either way.

Be lenient with the pick-up and delivery dates

Requesting a next-day or 1-day pick will spice up the price a little.  Why?  We will need to hire another service to accommodate your request since a car carrier may not be available for that particular date.  Then your car must be sheltered in a safe place until the carrier will be able to pick it up. However, the car terminals require a one-time fee, and more often than not, a daily storage fee that can add up easily, hence the slightly higher cost.

As for a certain delivery date, no one can guarantee it in good conscience.  The delivery time depends on the particular route (stops in between), road/weather conditions, etc.  However, we can estimate this date within a window of 3-4 days and you will be contacted by the carrier before delivery.

Give your shipping agent enough time

The earlier you contact the car shipping agent, the better the chance you will have that a good price can be negotiated with the actual car carriers. Although booking one week before the date you want your car picked-up may be enough in the slow season, 2 to 3 weeks are necessary for arrangements in the peak season (May-Sept.).  Plan ahead and avoid paying more in order to find a place on our carriers’ trucks.