How We Choose Our Car Carriers

How We Choose Our Car Carriers

It is hard to overemphasize the fact that, in the car shipping business, knowledge is everything. As easy as the transport of your vehicle should and can be, it may become a nightmare if blindedly handed to an unprofessional carrier.

This is exactly why working with an auto transport broker draws clear advantages. By the nature of their job, the brokers have already completed the research for you, and filtered over time the carriers worthy of trust. Looking for the most professional, problem-free and affordable carriers for the job, the broker has already completed the process of discovery. They have tested this collaboration over the years, and filtered the ones that stood the test.

ProStar Auto Transport evaluates their carriers using a 3-step rating system:

1. Good communication

We only work with carriers that have exceptional customer service and an organized professional relationship with car shipping brokers. We need them to be available at all times and to respond in a timely manner to our questions related to the status of each transport.

Too many unanswered phone calls will remove a carrier from our “preferred” list.

2. Ability to pick up and deliver on time

We are optimists by nature, but we prefer to season that with a hint of realism. We do not promise miracles, and we do not believe those who are doing it.

Better than promises, we prefer actions. We do not work with carriers that have failed or have made a name for themselves by failing to pick-up or deliver when they said they would.

3. No car damage incidents

Our carriers are known by their clean car transport history and willingness to fix problems in the unlikely event that something does happen. The quality of their services makes not only your life easier, but ours as well.

In conclusion, we know who to choose and who to avoid. There is less and less of a need for us to update our “preferred carriers” or “wrongdoers” list, since we have already established long term relationships with competent carriers. However, we are constantly re-evaluating our current carriers performance, looking for the new kids on the block, and bringing the best ones to you.

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