Enclosed AutoTransport

Enclosed AutoTransport


For those who want some extra protection when shipping their car, there is the enclosed auto transport option – the safest car transport alternative.  It is most often used to transport classic/exotic cars or vehicles with brand new/custom paint jobs, but it works for any other car that you want to fully protect.

What is an enclosed trailer?

Your vehicle will be loaded inside a trailer with side walls and a roof.  Such trailers are usually custom-built in order to allow for different vehicle sizes. However, height or width restrictions may apply.  Some of the enclosed carriers offer additional features such as power lift gates that make the loading/unloading of your car require minimum handling and maximum protection.

Enclosed transport advantages

Your car will be safe from hazardous elements on the road (dust, branches, rocks) and the whims of the weather. It will arrive in the same condition as it was at departure.

This option is more expensive. We estimate that the difference between using an enclosed trailer and an open one is 70%.
Width and height limitations on your car may apply.
Since using an enclosed trailer costs more, and is therefore less common than using an open one, such trailers may not always be available and may impose time constraints on your move.
70%? Why the extra money?

The extra money simply covers the additional effort, special equipment and guarantees that the actual carrier must offer for your car’s complete protection.