Door to Door Auto Transport

Door to Door Auto Transport

The most common option that auto transport companies offer is door to door services.  This means that the carrier will pick up or deliver your car directly to your location (and not to a terminal).  The pick-up or delivery area may be your home or another location of your choice.

What happens if my residential area is hard to reach?

Because of their height and length, carriers may be unable to reach your location. There may be several reasons for this: low hanging tree branches, low power lines, local weight restrictions, narrow or dead-end roads with not enough room for maneuvers, etc.  In this case, “door to door” means “as close as the truck can legally and safely reach.”

You and the carrier can agree on another location nearby (a large parking lot, an open space area etc.)  A good time to do this is when the driver or his dispatcher contacts you before pick-up or delivery.  This usually happens within 24 hours before the event.

Are door to door services preferable to terminal to terminal ones?

Most of the time, YES.  For you, this type of service may prove more convenient.  Price wise, even if shippers may have to go the extra mile and deviate from their main route in order to get to your residential area, in most cases this will cost less than covering terminal or daily storage fees.