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Why We’re Different

A smart shopper should do careful research before deciding on an auto transport company. Here’s how we differ from the others:

  • We are an all-female company: Why would that make us special? We are overly protective of our customers and our time honored reputation. That is why we avoid working with carriers that do not share the same philosophy as us on how to do business.
  • No upfront fees: Many auto transport companies will require such a fee, some of them going as far as to require the entire payment to be made before they even pick up your car. We urge you to BEWARE of those companies. ProStar is an exception.  We require no payment in advance. We do not charge your credit card until AFTER the vehicle has picked up.
  • Our heart on the plate (NO HIDDEN FEES): The most unpleasant surprise is having to pay fees about which you have not been warned. Some auto transport companies make you aware of their surcharges only after you paid the non-refundable fee (aka “deposit”).  Ours is an all-inclusive fee. The number that we talk about when you first call us is the same one that you pay in the end. We don’t know how to keep a secret, and we keep none from you. We imagine you probably expected that…
  • We put our money next to our “Sorry”: We know that you depend on your car. That is why we offer you our 14-day guarantee.  In case the main carrier takes longer than 14 days to deliver your vehicle, we will reimburse you $35 a day for the inconvenience.
  • We love keeping in touch: and calling around. Here are some ways that we feed the urge:
    • Call the carrier to confirm they have all of your order information
    • Call the carrier one day before the pick up to confirm the next day pickup & remind them to contact you that day
    • Call the carrier the day of the pick-up to confirm the car has been picked-up
    • Call the carrier 3-5 days after pick up to obtain an estimated delivery date & once again remind them to call you the day before delivery
    • Call the carrier to confirm delivery
  • Honesty is our policy: We do not promise things that cannot be done and we share with you both our solutions and our doubts. We will always give you an honest evaluation of your demands. We are ready to impress you, but we certainly don’t want to deceive you.
  • Reliable quote: Our quote is NOT an estimate. It is the final all-inclusive cost of our services unless of course you change the particulars along the way.  No surprises, no change of heart.
  • Let the best one do the job: Our system allows us to select over time the car carriers that performed best on a specific route. We filter these carriers based on a trifold criteria: communication – ability to pick up and deliver on time – ability to transport with no damage. The one that scores best among that criteria is the one we choose for the job.