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Who Needs Car Shippers

Using the services of a car transport company is the easiest, cheapest and most reliable method of moving your car across the country.  Do many people use such services?  Yes.  Here are some who do:

1. “Snowbirds”…moving every year to their summer or winter locations.

As what they are looking for is reliability and safety, shipping their car by truck is usually their first option. They generally love the comfort and peace of mind of such a solution as much as they enjoy their shorts during Florida or Arizona winters.

2. Students moving to college.

They are looking for a quick and hassle free solution.. As for their parents, they give their vote to the safety of the solution.

3. People relocating for jobs.

They have to deal with enough stress caused by a new job in a new location, so instead they choose to take advantage of a professional auto carrier.  They are still the luckiest group, since they can often benefit from the tax cuts or receive employee reimbursements to cover their auto transport expenses.

4. One-time movers.

Ah, the thrills of a new beginning.  And the shivers of the relocation expenses gone wild! One-time movers soon discover that taking advantage of a reliable car carrier is the most comfortable and economical solution, sometimes with no plausible alternative.

5. People buying their cars in another state.

Remote buyers will have to blend the joy of a new acquisition with the burden of bringing their baby home. If driving is beyond all doubt they often realize that moving it with an auto carrier (preferably an enclosed one if the vehicle is brand spankin’ new) is the best way to preserve the car in that new condition as long as possible.

6. Car dealers (not ProStar’s focus).

The business of online car dealerships gives the auto transporters a big chunk of their daily work.  Car dealers’ main interest is to safely send the car to their or the buyer’s location and have it arrive in the best shape and with as little expense as possible.

ProStar is centered upon serving customers in the first 5 groups. Our focus is on more personal business connections.