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How We Calculate Your Car Shipping Quote

Our quotes are not random, nor a generously rounded estimate.

Far from a general, one-fits-all quote, our estimating system provides you with the final, no-deposit, all-inclusive price that you will be charged when all is said and done. All of our quotes are customized to your specific needs, and issued by a human in possession of strict rules and a handy calculator.

So what are these rules?

1. State to state rates

Based on our 18+ years of car shipping experience, we have outlined a list of rates from state to state, on which our best carriers function. We have diligently printed them out and posted them on our walls. Your quote starts with this number, on which we build on later (if necessary).

2. Proximity to main roads

Your car does not need to only reach a certain state , but also your specific destination. This destination may or may not be close to the main route of the carrier. In case it “off the beaten path” so to speak, the carrier will require extra money for the extra distance.

It is very important to understand that the quote you receive is not only determined by the distance, but also by the popularity of a certain route with the carriers, and the accessibility of the pick-up or destination point. In case you want your car picked up from the wilderness, the top of a mountain or the far end of a hardly populated peninsula, the carrier will require more financial incentives to do just that. Can you blame him?

3. Seasonal lows and highs

The busiest months for the car transport business are between May and September. Due to the high demands, the carriers may raise their prices. In the slowest season, between November and February, the scarcity of demands typically bring lower rates.

For the rest of the year the car transport fees are usually constant.

4. Open/enclosed options

A request for an enclosed carrier will increase the price by an average of 70%. This fee will be submitted to the carriers and will assist them in covering the expenses related to the type of equipment, safety measures and limitations involved in such a transport.

5. Urgency of your demand

It is always a good idea to allow you car shipping company as much time as possible to arrange your auto transport. In case this is not possible, extra arrangements must be made to adapt to your schedule. This may involve more than the main carrier (e.g., a flatbed, a terminal etc.) All these bring about additional expenses, and you should be prepared for a higher price.

Next-day or 1-day pick ups would be examples of such demands. That does not automatically mean a higher price. However, it means that you expose yourself to some cost negotiating in order to earn a place on a truck. The result is a question of circumstances.

6. Door to door/terminal to terminal options

Our quote is calculated for door to door services. If you are looking for terminal to terminal services, we can arrange that for an extra fee. This fee will cover the expenses incurred by using an additional service – the car terminals.

7. Valuation coverage

We insure your car at fair market value. If you want to purchase extra coverage, you will have to make those arrangements with your own insurance provider.

8. Discounts

We are currently offering two types of discounts:

  • Military discounts: typically consisting of $50 off our regular price
  • Multicar discounts: if you ship 2 or 3 cars, you will save $50/car. If you ship 4 or more cars, you will save $75/car.