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Good vs. Evil

Some people want you to think carriers are good and brokers are evil. We say, be careful of any company that wants you to believe an entire group is good or bad. There are good carriers, there are [...]

Cheap Car Transport? Think Twice!

Before getting mesmerized by the advantages of  cheap car transport, don’t forget to take the time to learn about its dangers. So why should you equal cheap with questionable? As you already [...]

Myths about Car Shipping Services

Few of us move our cars often enough as to become pros. Too many times knowledge comes too late — and at the expense of a costly experience. Here are the 7 most common misconceptions that you [...]

9 Early Signs of Questionable Car Transport Services

This section of our website is aimed to educate our customers on the car shipping process in general, with no necessary connection to the ProStar process. For details strictly related to ProStar, [...]