Auto Shipping Terminology

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Door to Door Auto Transport

The most common option that auto transport companies offer is door to door services.  This means that the carrier will pick up or deliver your car directly to your location (and not to a [...]

Cargo Insurance

Insurance that covers the goods being transported by a carrier. Motor carriers are required to have cargo insurance.  Brokers do not have this type of insurance because they do not own the equipment [...]

Car Terminal

  Car terminals are towing facilities or lots where carriers may load or unload cars, and where cars may be stored in exchange for a terminal fee. When are terminals used? Some auto transport [...]

Bonded Auto Transport Company

During your search for an auto transporter you’ve probably heard the term “licensed, bonded and insured” . In order for a broker to receive authority to operate as a broker the [...]

Bill of Lading

A Bill of Lading is a legal document issued by the carrier, that confirms the receipt of a car for transport, and specifies the terms and conditions of delivery. The document is emitted at the time [...]

Auto Transport Broker

An auto transport broker is an intermediary between you and the motor carrier that will actually transport your car. A broker designs the best strategy to respond to your specific demands, increasing [...]
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