Car Terminal


Car terminals are towing facilities or lots where carriers may load or unload cars, and where cars may be stored in exchange for a terminal fee.

When are terminals used?

Some auto transport agents offer terminal to terminal services.  In this case, the vehicle owner drops his vehicle at the terminal from where the carrier picks it up. The carrier also delivers the car to the terminal closest to the destination location, where it is picked up by the owner.

Carriers may prefer to work with terminals since they are usually located in easily accessible areas, close to the main roads, such that the car haulers do not have to go too far out of their way to reach them.  Most terminals also offer their services 24/7 for the carriers, and have greater room for maneuvers than most residential areas.

How much does it cost to use the services of a car terminal?

All terminals charge a terminal fee. Such fees are usually around $50-$75. Additionally, they may require a daily storage fee, in which case their services may add up to a fairly high sum. However, some carriers/brokers may build partnerships with terminals, obtain discounts, and reflect this advantage in the price of their terminal to terminal services.

Should you choose terminal to terminal or door to door car shipping services?  It all depends.