Auto Transport Broker

Auto Transport Broker

An auto transport broker is an intermediary between you and the motor carrier that will actually transport your car. A broker designs the best strategy to respond to your specific demands, increasing your chances to have a good car shipping experience.

Some people tend to reject the idea of a broker, and may wonder if there is any way that the “middle man” can be eliminated. Here is our answer.

Can I do without a broker?

Provided that you agree to take upon yourself the risk of an uncertain, time-consuming and (more often than not) more expensive car transport experience, yes. However, we do not recommend that you do it.

Why is using a broker a better idea? Consider these facts:

Brokers have a vast experience in intermediating car transports and have filtered the good carriers from the bad ones. It is a lengthy process of learning, through which they have already gone for you. It is wise not to try to go through this process yourself, and at the expense of your car.
Brokers are centered around customer service. It is possible that motor carriers do not have such a department (some drivers own their company too), which may make for an extremely stressful experience.
Do-it-yourself car shipping may end up an extremely time-consuming, and a more expensive alternative. On the other hand, brokers have already defined strategies for moving your car safely and as cheap as possible.
If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to find not only a main carrier, but possibly deal with terminals or flatbed services, and carefully synchronize all of these with your schedule, while still keeping it cheap. We see this as a highly risky endeavor.

Some carriers’ insurance requires that you pay a deductible. Some brokers can absorb this deductible, so that you are completely covered. They can also help you deal with the carrier if problems occur.