YYear: February 9, 2015

How We Choose Our Car Carriers

It is hard to overemphasize the fact that, in the car shipping business, knowledge is everything. As easy as the transport of your vehicle should and can be, it may become a nightmare if blindedly handed to an unprofessional carrier. This is exactly why working with an auto transport broker draws clear advantages. By the […]

ProStar in 20 Questions

We have tried to help you make the right car shipping decisions by developing a simple set of 20 questions by which you can obtain a clear idea about the reliability of a an auto transport company. We are providing ProStar’s answers to its own test. 1. Are you an auto transport broker or an […]

Good vs. Evil

Some people want you to think carriers are good and brokers are evil. We say, be careful of any company that wants you to believe an entire group is good or bad. There are good carriers, there are good brokers; and both groups also have some bad apples. Believe us, we’re sure of that.  When trying to select […]