YYear: December 30, 2014

Cheap Car Transport? Think Twice!

Before getting mesmerized by the advantages of  cheap car transport, don’t forget to take the time to learn about its dangers. So why should you equal cheap with questionable? As you already know, shipping a car is no cheap effort. It involves a bunch of strangers, one or more carriers and some serious distances. Not […]

Myths about Car Shipping Services

Few of us move our cars often enough as to become pros. Too many times knowledge comes too late — and at the expense of a costly experience. Here are the 7 most common misconceptions that you should reevaluate before you hire someone to transport your vehicle. Make sure you don’t learn this the hard […]

9 Early Signs of Questionable Car Transport Services

This section of our website is aimed to educate our customers on the car shipping process in general, with no necessary connection to the ProStar process. For details strictly related to ProStar, read our “ProStar Process” section. If you want to avoid an unpleasant car shipping experience, the best thing is to read the signs […]

Money Saving Options

  If you are looking to save some pennies, here are some hints for you: Ask about discounts The two types of discounts that we offer are: Military discounts: typically consisting in $50 off our regular price Multiple cars discounts: if you ship 2 or 3 cars, you will save $50/car.  If you ship 4 […]

Prepare Your Car for Shipping

In case you didn’t already have enough to consider during this hectic time of relocating, here are 21 more items from us… General Information 1.  Your vehicle must be operable.  If not, additional fees or methods may apply.  Note: We cannot accommodate inoperable vehicles on most routes. 2.  You must advise us of any modifications made to your […]

Where to Start

You’re planning a big move and you dread driving your car across country. Or maybe you have two or more vehicles and can only drive one of them. What should you do? Shipping a car is simple.  More challenging is choosing the right company for the job. This section provides you with everything you need […]

Car Shipping 101

So you have decided to move your car using an auto transport company, but you are completely clueless about the whole process. You would like to know what this car shipping fuss is all about. 1. Who are the car shippers? What do they do? There are two types of agents: a) Auto transporters (let’s […]

Ask before You Hire: The Least You Should Know about Your Car Shipping Company

Do not hand your car keys to anyone else before you educate yourself on the whole car transport selection process.  It will not take as long as you may think, and it may save money, time, and headaches. Car shipping should be easy for you. We know that the most difficult part is making sure […]

Valuation Coverage

Your car valuation refers to the estimation of your car value by a registered valuer. The result of such an assessment is usually a written document (appraisal). The valuation of your car may be necessary when you want to benefit from a more comprehensive coverage. As a rule, when offering insurance for your car during […]

USDOT Number

A USDOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) number is an identification number that every carrier involved in interstate commercial transportation must obtain from the FMCSA.  In case the company does not handle interstate cargo, a motor carrier identification obtained at a state level is generally enough. Through granting USDOT numbers,  FMCSA implements compliance with their safety […]

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