Licensed Car Transport Company

To be able to serve you, every interstate auto transport company has to receive operating authority from FMCSA.

Both requirements they have to meet and the form of this operating license are different for brokers and for carriers. This is because brokers do not own any trucks, therefore the safety issues with which FMCSA concerns itself do not directly regard them. Brokers' only job is to intermediate the move and make sure that the carriers they hire are properly licensed.

What kind of operating license do interstate auto transport companies receive?

  • Carriers receive a UDSOT number, according to the truck type they own. Afterwards they can apply for an MC number, which is essentially their operating license. Using a company MC number, you can obtain information about them from FMCSA.
  • Brokers can only apply for an MC number, representing their interstate operating authority.

What are the requirements that they have to meet in order to receive this operating license?

  • Carriers need to make proof of their cargo and liability insurance.
  • Brokers need to file a surety bond or trust fund agreement.

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