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Choosing an Auto Transport Company: The 20-Question Reliability Test PDF Print E-mail

Do not hire any auto transport company before you ask them the following questions. If their answers are satisfactory, continue with some more research. Our educational material in the "Car Shipping Tips" section will give you enough hints on what to look for. For terms foreign to you, look into our Car Shipping Dictionary.


1. Are you an auto transport broker or a motor carrier?
2. What is your MC number and/or USDOT number?
3. Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
4. Do you have a physical location?


5. Do you charge door-to door or terminal to terminal fees?
6. What exactly is your proces?
7. What is the time-window that you require for pick-up or delivery?


8. What is your insurance policy?

Terms, conditions, guarantees

9. What guarantees do you offer that my car will be picked-up on time?
10. Do you offer a delivery guarantee?
11. Can you offer me your contract and insurance policy in writing, before I assume any obligations from which I cannot back up?
12. What kind of forms will I be required to fill in or sign, and when will I have to do that?


13. Is your quote all-inclusive? If not, what else will I be required to pay?
14. Is your quote customized to my specific needs?
15. Is your quote only an estimate or your final say?
16. Do you require an up-front, non-refundable fee?
17. What form of payment do you accept and when will I be required to pay?
18. What discounts do you offer?


19. When will you call me and how will I know what the status of may car's transport is?
20. How will I keep in touch with you during the transport of my car?

Read the ProStar answer to this test.

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