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A Bit of History PDF Print E-mail

A company for everyone

ProStar was "born" in 1992 as a car shipping company directly targeting the needs of celebrities and professional athletes. Since then, it changed its focus to responding to everyone's needs, but retained the quality that made them the choice of people not very permissive towards mistakes.

Today we are accommodating the demands of both people in the sports and entertainment fields and those who cannot claim such fame yet, but to whom we hope to be of good fortune.

One driving force

Each company has its own continuity element. Yet, we doubt that many of them have one similar to our Tiffany. She started working for ProStar more than ten years ago, and has remained the driving force behind the company.

Working her way up, getting to know all the complexities of ProStars day-to-day operations, as well as working hard to build valuable connections, Tiffany was given the opportunity to buy the company in January 2003. ProStar became a female-owned and operated auto transport company, a refreshing and rare reality in a business that is both tough and mostly male-populated.

More than just shipping cars

The effect of this reality is now obvious. ProStar customers love the fact that, when working with us, they find on the other end of the line both knowledgeable and comforting female voices. We like to talk, to educate, and to be there. Empathy with our customers and their needs is a daily reality for the ProStar girls.

Since we cannot bring our children to work with us, we take comfort in treating our customers as such. You will be explained the intricacies of our process from A to Z, and you will always find someone available to chat and answer all of your questions. Our customers feel comfortable with us - and this has become so humorously true, that we have found ourselves caught in the middle of our clients' conjugal problems, such as having to soften the pain of break-ups.

However, far from being an extra task, we have always found joy in helping. In fact, this quality of excellent customer service is the one that we take pride in the most.

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