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You have already seen them operate whenever you have met those huge trucks with cars on top running down the highway.

Carriers can be open and enclosed and offer either door to door or terminal to terminal services. They are required to obtain both a USDOT number and an MC number from FMCSA. They are required to make proof of their cargo insurance, which offers coverage for your car during transport, depending on each company's specific policy.


Carriers have a limited number of trucks covering a limited area during a week. When their capacity is filled, they will offer subsequent dates when they will be available for shipping. This situation is the reason for which the car shipping agent prefers to deal with demands that are coming from the customer about two weeks in advance from the desired pick-up date.

Not all carriers are created equal.

If car shipping rates are generally uniform across the country, the quality of services offered by carriers is not. Based on a long experience, car shipping brokers select the trustworthy for-hire carriers to which they will limit their collaboration when arranging a new transport.

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