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Questions, that are asked over and over again. If you can think of a new one that needs to be added, let us know! If you did not find what you were looking for here, try here too.

Table of Contents

Do you GUARANTEE a timely delivery?

Yes we do! Transit times vary depending on the distance of your move, however, we offer a 14-day delivery guarantee. If for any reason your shipment takes longer than 14 days we will deduct $35 off your order for every day it's late. Whether it's delayed due to mechanical problems or weather, your order will be discounted. Be sure to ask our competitors if they offer this! Fine print: Really really sorry, the 14-day guarantee does not apply to shipments to/from Alaska and Hawaii.^ Top

ProStar is a broker...what does that mean?

We are a Federal Highway Administration licensed and bonded freight broker. This means we contract directly from many US auto carriers. When some people hear we are brokers they get a misconception of the role of a broker. We are here to act in your best interest, as your shipping agent.

We have shipped over 14,000 vehicles. It was the first couple of thousand shipments that helped us sort out the bad carriers from the ugly, then another year to cherry-pick and build rapport with the really good ones. So why are we worth what you pay us? We know who's reliable. We know which carriers perform best and on which routes. We know stuff, lots of stuff. And, you don't have to ever spend one minute of time on the phone freaking out because nobody has a clue where your car is.^ Top

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

A one-week advance reservation (2-3 weeks May-August) is needed to help meet your shipping requirements. Keep in mind that there are not enough trucks in the country to have one in every city, every day. Therefore a 2-3 day window for pickup may be needed. We will try to accommodate the day you request if it is possible. However, exact delivery times and pickups can vary and cannot, in good conscience, be guaranteed. If you need a one-day pickup, an additional charge may be added. This covers the cost of providing a local flatbed service to pickup your vehicle on a specific day.^ Top

Is service door to door or terminal to terminal?

The rate you are quoted will be for door to door service. If you prefer your shipment to be done terminal to terminal we can accommodate your request for an additional charge. This does not include storage fees that may be assessed.

"Door to door" means "as close as the truck can legally and safely reach." However, in some cases, it may be necessary to meet the truck at a prearranged spot to load and unload. This may occur because of local weight restrictions, low hanging branches, narrow streets or difficulty exiting your neighborhood.

The truck driver or his dispatcher will contact you prior to pickup and delivery to provide you with a time frame and receive directions. They will also advise you if it is necessary to meet him (usually at a shopping center or parking lot) for pickup or delivery if he can't get right to your door.

Contact is usually made 24 hours in advance. Please be aware that the driver or his dispatcher will need to make actual contact with someone before they will deliver your car.^ Top

Do you require a deposit?

Only if you are paying C.O.D. This deposit must be paid by credit card and will be refunded in the event we do not ship your car. We understand things come up and people change their minds and we feel you shouldn't be penalized for that. ^ Top

Can I request a one-day pick up?

Of course. We generally ask for a 3-day window however for an additional charge (usually $150) you can choose which day you'd like your vehicle picked up. Keep in mind it may not leave out on the main carrier right away but we usually find a truck to pick up within 3-4 days of your local pick up date. ^ Top

Can I put a car cover on my vehicle?

No! Sounds like a great idea however it's not only against the law but imagine what that would do to your vehicle after traveling several hundred (even thousands) of miles flapping back and forth against your paint. Not to mention there's a pretty good chance that it will fly off in transit at some point. If you're extremely concerned call us for reassurance or inquire about transporting your vehicle with one of our enclosed carriers. ^ Top

What do I need to do to prepare my car for shipment?

Make sure there are no personal items inside. Leave approximately 1/4 tank of gas, and be sure to give your keys to the driver. That's about it! (The 1/4 tank thing is a weight issue. Gas weighs about 8 pounds per gallon and trucks pay based on their total weight... so if everyone shipped with full tank, we would all be paying more.) ^ Top

Can I pack anything in my car?

No! In the past the carriers allowed this practice but in recent years this has changed. The Department of Transportation sets weight limits and any truck exceeding that limit will be fined. Since more people are shipping SUVs than ever before, this limits how many cars will actually fit based on size and the weight of each one. If for some reason something accidentally gets shipped in the vehicle it isn't covered by insurance nor is any damage that the articles cause to the inside of the car. The driver isn't responsible for personal or household items, you are. Our carriers are strictly automotive carriers. The D.O T. does not allow them to ship anything else (it's a licensing thing). We can assist you in finding a carrier to transport your personal belongings. ^ Top

How do I pay for my shipment?

There are several options for payment. You can pay the driver upon delivery with cash or a cashiers check, you may give us a Visa or MasterCard card number and we'll run the card here in our office once the car has picked up, or you can send us a cashiers check prior to pick up. It's your choice. ^ Top

How far in advance do I need to schedule my shipment?

We prefer you schedule your auto relocation at least one week prior to your ideal pickup date(s) however there are times where we can accommodate your request with less than a weeks notice. During the summer months it's recommended that you schedule about 2 weeks ahead of time. Then again we've been known to receive a call and have the car picked up all within 16 hours. ^ Top

Can I choose where my car sits on the truck?

We can request a particular spot for you however this cannot be guaranteed. All convertibles and most oversize vehicles (SUV's, trucks, vans, etc.) are loaded on the top rack. ^ Top

Must I be present at origin/destination for pick up/delivery?

In the event you are not available at the time of pick up, you will need to make arrangements to have a friend, neighbor or co-worker release your vehicle. If that is not possible for you we can usually locate a terminal for you to deliver your car to. If you are unavailable or we cannot contact you at time of delivery your car may be dropped off at a terminal (which may not be nearby). A terminal drop fee ($25-$35) and any storage fees must be paid to the terminal prior to receiving your vehicle. Additional delivery charges may be assessed if you require the car to be delivered and you can't pick it up yourself. ^ Top

What about this rental car? How does that work?

Another benefit we provide that sets us apart from our competitors is our 14-day guarantee. In the event that the main carrier takes longer than 14 days to deliver your vehicle, and you need to rent a car, we will reimburse you up to $35 a day for the rental expense (upon receiving a copy of the rental receipt). In the event that a local flatbed service is contracted in order to meet a specific pick-up date, the days that the local service is in possession of your car will be added to the 14 days. Only after the main carrier exceeds 14 days will Pro Star reimburse the rental car fees. ^ Top

Will I be called to let me know when my car will be picked up and/or delivered?

Contact is usually made (or at least attempted) 24 hours in advance. The driver or dispatcher will provide you with a time frame and will confirm directions. They will also advise you if it is necessary to meet him (usually at a shopping center or large parking lot) for pickup or delivery if he can't get right to your door.^ Top

What do I do if I notice damage when my car is delivered

Your car is fully insured by each of our carriers. All carriers have a deductible (just like you have on your insurance policy). We absorb the deductible in the event of damage. If damage occurs there are important guidelines that must be followed before a claim can be processed. First and foremost, there must be (in the eyes of the insurance company) damage. Sounds strange but the damage must be noted on delivery! If it's not listed there must not have been any damage. Second, take pictures as soon as possible. Third, obtain at least two estimates. When this is completed mail off copies of estimates and original photos to the carrier who shipped your car, attention CLAIMS. We will help in anyway possible to facilitate the process but it is the carrier who will honor or deny the claim. ^ Top

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