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Welcome to ProStar a.k.a Ship My Car!
How much does it cost? We've got the answer!

Welcome to, aka ProStar Auto Transport.

We're glad you wandered onto our site. Either you need to transport your vehicle, or you've gotten lost while surfing the many sites on the web while bored at work. One way or the other, we hope to satisfy your curiosities.

Click me if you need to send a note While you're here, I might as well introduce myself and what we're all about. My name is Tiffany, I'm the owner of ProStar Auto Transport, a.k.a., Ship My Our mission is to administer affordable and dependable transportation services quickly and safely anywhere your car, truck or SUV wants to go in the United States.

Unsurpassed and personable customer service is our passion. We treat you like a real person, not like #874 in a cattle call. We know moving can be insufferable. We take that into consideration and will be there with you every step of the way.

We're confident to say we can ship your vehicle -- with confidence. Our list of successful shipments is huge. I've been doing this for over 15 years! Scammers we are not! We have cherry-picked the very best national network of carriers. At ProStar we have spent the last umpteen years fine-tuning our ability to select solid performers. That's how we add value.

We are known for our unfailing customer service and our exceptional expertise in customizing your move to accommodate any of your unique circumstances.

Our courteous and helpful customer service representatives are well-behaved, well trained and locked in small rooms so they are here to answer your call during conventional business hours. To make your move less painful and achievable without narcotics, we are available way beyond eight hours a day just to make certain your requests are replied to ASAP.

Call 800.993.7447 or email us today, we won't bite.

Need more proof that we're OK?

Prostar Auto Transport BBB Business Review

Shipping Can Be Like An All Inclusive Vacation
People who shipped with Prostar When you go to a nice resort, don't you always like to know if it's "all inclusive?" When your friends come back from some fancy place don't they always include "Oh yeah, it was all-inclusive baby."

Such a thing exists when you ship your car with us...

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